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Let's be honest, we've all had to rethink the way that we communicate in this season and going forward. Do we really need to meet in person? Does your annual conference need to happen the same way it has in the past.

Consider broadcasting your upcoming event online! Stream to a select few, to the masses, or international delegates. Webevents can stream your event with a live audience, and let us produce a quality outcome alongside you. So let's create an event with people, for people.

 Using a studio designed set, we can broadcast your message to your audience, via any platform. But better still, you can also have an audience in the studio, for those who wish to come.

Quality Audio and Lighting 

Make sure your message is clear in image and sound.

HD Camera


There's nothing worse than a blown out image. We've got the gear for a quality job.

Set Design

Whether it's your brand you want on display, a full screen backdrop, or a homely set – we can do it.


Our guys will ensure on time, quality streaming – ready to troubleshoot and help your streamers, too.

see how it works

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your message is important – broadcast it

Live Streaming Production Company

How a Live Streaming Production Company Gives You a Global Stage

You can enjoy access to global audiences when you partner with webevents as your trusted live streaming production company. One sure way that COVID-19 has changed the world is through a mass realisation of the ease and comfort, as well as the savings in time and funds, made possible through high-quality live streaming. 


In just a few weeks, the world shrunk. The technology to deliver live connectivity has been around for years, but today, we have the buy-in of the masses regarding this revolutionary method of communication. Live streaming is set to become the norm, bringing people together regardless of the distance separating them.

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What You Can Expect From webevent Regarding Live Stream Production 

We believe that you have a message, whether it is hope, inspiration, vital information, or pure entertainment. Our team in live streaming production knows that you are the master crafter of your presentation. We go beyond your expectations to deliver ways to promote clear communication to target audiences at any destination. 

  • Share your ideas and opinions from a unique stage to reach audiences in multiple locations. Our skilled staff helps you to create a unique setting through dressings and props that add to your presentation. We can help you to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing. Instead of distracting any attention from your message, it will instead contribute to the impact that your message has on your viewers. 

  • In addition to creating the perfect setting, our live streaming production services include streaming to multiple locations anywhere in the world. Your message can reach countless viewers instantly.

  • Interaction is a key part of communication, which is why it is crucial to include it as a feature in audiovisual events. Who would prefer to have a one-sided conversation when they can instead interact with an audience and get their feedback, answer their questions, and let them share their ideas? We have the technical skills to bring people closer by forming bonds through collaboration, regardless of distance or location. 

  • With our help, you can gather mass feedback by hosting polls during live streaming events. Often, people choose not to interact or give their opinion during live streaming, yet their contribution and insights can be key features that help you to achieve your objectives. Polls are valuable solutions through which to obtain opinions, for market research or simply for voting on a hot topic.

  • Expand your audience size by spending less time on retaining contact with existing viewers and more on finding new additions. We offer data collection during your events as a tool to help you grow. Not only do we offer a solution for expanding your audience, but we also offer ways to limit it: you can keep certain content secure with limited access through password protection, which allows for seamless restricted viewing.

Related Services We Provide as Your Live Streaming Company

A leading audiovisual production company for a quarter of a century, with web events, you can expect a service portfolio that is much more diverse than av events. 


  • One of our popular service choices for the modern age is hybrid events. They are the perfect solution when you want to achieve the best of both worlds: not only can you unlock the benefits of in-person contact, but you can also expand your reach to a wide range of viewers who are unable to attend. These events have quickly become a popular choice to help brands achieve a variety of desired outcomes. 

  • Book one of our three fully-equipped studios for your live streaming event. We offer three options for professionally geared studios to hire. Enjoy the benefits of working with professional equipment: each studio has a selection of LED screens, a stage, professional audio equipment, tech support, and even backstage facilities. 

  • Would you prefer a custom stage? That is not a challenge for our team. We can set up any stage to provide you with a unique setting, including décor and branding to enhance your signature brand. Our tech gurus take care of all audio and visual requirements to deliver a highly professional final product.

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About webevents

Our passion for delivering quality professional services in visual and sound production is the reason for our outstanding reputation. It is what has enabled us to not only survive 25 years in this ever-advancing industry but thrive. We also have a deep understanding of the challenges that clients have to deal with before and during such events. For that reason, we go the extra mile to deliver our services with respect, care, honesty, and transparency. 


During our career, we’ve had the privilege of being a part of roadshows, massive corporate events, AGMs, glamourous award presentations, and even live-streamed staff gatherings—the list is too long and diverse to mention all our levels of experience. What we want to know is, if your name is not yet included in our list of successful productions, why not? 

Contact us, and together, we can explore the endless possibilities of how we can help you to reach out to your global audience.