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House of the Year Nationals 2020


Based just outside Auckland's CBD, our Studio 3 is a prime location for your web events. It is complete with a full production setup, including news-room quality cameras, a striking LED video screen, and panoramic stage surround. 

However we can customise the setup any way you want. Whether it is making a giant balloon wall, firing off confetti, or creating unique LED screen designs, we can make it happen. We want to see your creative vision come to life.

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What We Offer

News-Room Quality Cameras

  • Multi camera mix

  • On-camera tally lightings to signal on-air and preview cues

  • Unique moving camera shots.

Virtual Presenters

  • Stream in presenters virtually from any where in the world

  • Integration with vMix calls, Zoom, and Teams

  • In-room audience interaction

LED Video Wall

  • 5 metres wide by 3 metres high

  • Custom configurations, including pillars and circular screens

  • Crisp 2mm pixel pitch


  • Full studio lighting

  • Moving lights with the option for customised gobos

HD Streaming

  • Customised webpage

  • Ability to stream to any platform, including Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Teams, and more

Custom Set Designs

  • Panoramic cyclorama screen as a backdrop for lighting designs

  • Customisable stage configuration

The Venue

Central Auckland

Our studio is just ten minutes from Auckland's CBD, meaning that there's no need for a long commute to your event.

Breakout Rooms

With several breakout rooms of various sizes, there's always a space free to film that interview, style those presenters, or host those breakout sessions.

Catering Facilities

Hosting an event means food and lots of it! To help with that, we have a full kitchen and a large coffee machine. Or you could BYO catering.

Large Auditorium

Spacious Foyer

Secondary Events Space

Our auditorium isn't just a studio space. It can easily seat up to 250 guests! Just what you need for those bigger events.

Those moments between sessions don't have to be boring. Our large foyer is perfect for catering, mingling, or withstanding the large commotion that is the coffee line!

For those moments when you need to have two large sessions happening at once,  don't worry. Our secondary events space downstairs can cater to up to 150 guests.

House of the Year Regionals 2020.jpg

Things You Can Learn from webevents

Our success is the result of 25 years of devotion to the industry, hosting roadshows, AGMs, award ceremonies, conferences, and many other events. During this period, technology has made giant leaps into the future, always improving and advancing to enable brands to deliver better final productions. 


The constant changes that we have faced taught us to be agile, which is the most critical attribute to embody if you want to stay ahead of live streaming developments. Our agility keeps us at the edge of new developments in technology, helping us to deliver a prestige service to suit your needs and setting the benchmark in the industry in the process. Agility is the one capability that we urge every business to embrace for tech-based growth.

We can help your business to achieve the highest level of live streaming success. Through our technical skills, advanced equipment, and agile business practices, we can help you to become a leader in your field. Speak to us, and let’s make it happen.

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