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AV Equipment Hire

Your Powerful, One-Stop AV Equipment Hire Solution

Even in times of crisis, the show must go on. The need for professional AV equipment hire has increased since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic. Companies have been forced to come up with innovative ways to get their message across via live-stream meetings, presentations, and even digital conferences. The pandemic has led to massive disruption in the lives of millions of people around the world, and it is sure to have a lasting impact on how business is conducted in the future.


At web events, we’ve embraced the technology on hand to ensure that we can, even in these trying times, create the ideal platform for industries to continue conducting business. We complement  traditional conferencing and event service offerings with the integration of unique live streaming services.


What You Can Expect From web events Regarding Audio Visual Equipment for Conferences

While there are some clear changes in the way that brands operate today, there is no need to cancel your next essential company or industry meeting, AGM , or annual conference just because of COVID-19. If your business is going to survive, and even thrive, during this global health crisis, there is no choice but to push on—here’s how.


  • Hold your event with or without a live studio audience. Our venue is fully equipped with professional AV sound and lighting and can easily accommodate up to 200 socially-distanced delegates. We are fully geared to live stream your conference or event all over the world, and thanks to our top-quality conference audio visual equipment, it will look and sound amazing.

  • For a more intimate setting, we have two studios that are fully equipped with professional conference AV equipment and live streaming capabilities. With beautiful stages, backdrops, TV screens, and even a large LED screen, your presentation or live-stream meeting is sure to be a hit. We can also custom-design a studio with a look that suits your unique needs. Live, streaming, or hybrid events—we support them all.

  • If you are unable to conduct your meeting from our venue, we can come to you. We will set up our corporate audio visual equipment at the venue of your choice anywhere in Auckland or the North Island and help you to conduct your live stream from there.

  • Our meeting AV services also include helping you to host meetings with multiple people across multiple locations. Let us host it or cast it to Facebook, Zoom, or on your own website, or let us create a dedicated custom website for your meeting, AGM, or conference.

  • If your meeting contains sensitive information that cannot fall into the wrong hands, we have you covered with password-protected tickets or invites. Whatever your audio visual hire needs are, traditional or not, we can deliver.

What Sets web events Apart Among AV Hire Companies?

We’re embracing disruption, moving with the times, and coming up with innovative ways to deliver our professional services in a time that is challenging everything that brands know about how to conduct business. We go the extra mile to ensure that the disruption caused by coronavirus is minimal with a wide range of services all aimed at ensuring that your event remains a success.


  • We’ve adapted our business to suit yours. No need to cancel your conference, AGM, awards evening, or multi-branch meeting: no matter which platform you decide to hold your event on, our professional meeting AV equipment is at your disposal to ensure that it looks and sounds fantastic.  

  • We understand that it is critical for business to go on, even though COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the way that we conduct it. We have embraced and mastered the technology that allows you to continue with these vital business functions, albeit in a slightly altered fashion.

  • Our service offering now entails a lot more than just audio visual lighting equipment hire. We offer a wide range of fully customisable services for your convenience. Whatever you need to make a resounding success of your event, we will facilitate it. Reach a global audience with your company conference or hold a secure and private meeting with colleagues in different locations around the world.

  • We offer the best customer service in New Zealand. We are as invested in the success of your event as you are, and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that it is everything that you were hoping for and more. Our friendly and professional team will be on hand at all times to ensure that your sound, lighting, and streaming service are as robust as they can be.


About web events

We’ve been at the forefront of the events industry in Auckland and the North Island for more than 25 years, providing professional services for conferences, award evenings, AGMs, and industry shows. Having fully embraced new technologies, we can help you to successfully host your event in a way that is bigger and better than ever, and our media streaming services allow us to do so anywhere in NZ.

Contact us today for more information.


The Benefits of AV Hire from web events

The fact that companies across the globe are being forced to reimagine how they conduct large-scale meetings, AGMs, and conferences has its downsides, but it is not a death knell. In the chaos of COVID-19, brands tend to get caught up in the here and now, especially regarding holding events. This crisis has taught the events management and hire industry to think beyond how to attract as many people as possible to attend an event physically. 


  • Embracing live streaming and other technologies can open your event to a much larger audience than you previously anticipated, meaning that your exposure to potential customers increases massively. Think bigger: attracting a global audience to your event can lead to new markets and more sales.

  • Live streaming your event makes financial sense. Think of the cost of attracting and physically hosting many people over a three-day show or conference. There are massive savings available regarding hosting, feeding, providing adequate security, and delivering parking and traffic management services. Digital capabilities mean that your venue can grow smaller without losing impact.

  • It is much easier and cheaper for companies to invite their staff to attend online conferences and events. An online venue eliminates the need to make costly travel and accommodation arrangements and even the need to take off a whole workday— or three—to attend a conference. Staff can attend your event from the comfort of their home offices.

  • You can invite international speakers to present to your audience without having to travel to, and physically attend, the event. This fact adds value while presenting massive savings to you in hosting-related overhead.

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